October 2020-Litwiniuk Property is looking for an area office space approx. 7.000 sqm in Warsaw.

The consulting company Litwiniuk Property Sp. z o.o. is looking for A-class office space for rent in Warsaw. The expected office space for rent is approximately 6,000 sq m - 7,000 sq m.

Litwiniuk Property is with the Client in the process of selecting a new location for the Client's seat in Warsaw. A full analysis of the office space market in Warsaw is underway and some of the most attractive locations for lease have already been presented in accordance with the guidelines and expectations of the Client. Landlords offering office space for rent in Warsaw with an area of approx. 6,000 m2 - 7,000 m2, please contact: pl@litwiniuk-property.com

The consulting company Litwiniuk Property conducts lease / commercialization, management (Property and Facility management services) and sells class A office buildings, logistics parks, shopping centers throughout Poland and abroad.

офис в Варшаве Warsaw Equator Ochota, Equator II

офис в Щецине Oxygen

офис в Poznan Andersia Business Centre

Варшава tel. +48 22 275 57 85 fax +48 22 275 56 00 Warsaw Equator Ochota Equator II 00-807 Warszawa Aleje Jerozolimskie 96
Щецин tel. +48 91 488 77 88 tel. +48 91 488 76 74Oxygen 71-612 Szczecin ul. Malczewskiego 26
Poznan tel. +48 723 400 800 Andersia Business Centre 61-894 Poznań Plac Andersa 7

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