April 2020-Amazon in Bolesławiec with BREEAM Very Good certification-60.000 sqm sqm

Panattoni, market leader in industrial real estate in Europe, earns another BREEAM International New Construction certification with a Very Good rating. The new endorsement was awarded to the developer’s 60,000-square-metre project for Amazon in Okmiany near Bolesławiec. The facility was recognised for its features, including the water system which obtained the highest possible score.

Panattoni, delivering the Logistics Centre in Bolesławiec for Amazon, proves once again that large space may go hand in hand with quality and, even more importantly, sustainability. The facility completed in H2 2019 comprises 60,000 sqm of space which was certified with a Very Good rating under the BREEAM International New Construction scheme. The project was evaluated in 10 categories, and in as many as 5 the facility in Bolesławiec scored 70 or more per cent. The maximum, 100% score was awarded to Panattoni for “Water”, while “Waste Management” scored 86 per cent, “Transport” – 78 per cent, “Energy” – 74 per cent, and “Land Use and Ecology” – 70 per cent.

The high scores in individual categories can be attributed to the wide range of environment-friendly solutions adopted by Panattoni in the Amazon facility. The developer implemented an efficient water-saving system, including drinking water, and helped maintain water balance with rainwater harvesting by creating wildflower meadows. Moreover, an advanced energy-saving system was installed and a waste reduction system, allowing for 90 per cent recovery and minimisation of contamination with harmful substances. The facility in Okmiany also features ecological transport solutions. The site provides bus services for commuting employees, electric chargers for environment-friendly vehicles and numerous bicycle amenities. The development process was supervised by ecologists who identified the best biodiversity solutions for the region.

The high certification score of the Logistics Centre in Bolesławiec is commented on by Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director from Panattoni: “This was our seventh project for Amazon in Poland and we are well aware how important the ecological aspect of the facilities is to our customer’s operations. To date, we have provided the e-commerce giant with approx. 800,000 sqm of space built in compliance with the principles of sustainable development. Amazon understands perfectly that solutions which benefit the environment also enhance process efficiency in the facility. We are happy with every collaboration with them because each large and complex facility we deliver expands our portfolio of environment-friendly solutions which we can offer to all our customers”.

The BREEAM Very Good certification for the Logistics Centre in Bolesławiec is also perfectly in line with Panattoni policy. In pursuit of sustainable development, as of 2020 the developer intends to obtain such rating for each of its new projects. This brave step to certify all proprietary facilities can be possible because of the company’s past track record. In Poland alone, Panattoni has delivered 24 sustainable projects. The developer’s “green” portfolio comprises 14 projects with a BREEAM Good rating, 8 projects with a Very Good rating, and two with LEED GOLD and SILVER certification. The policies implemented to date and the new commitment in 2020 put Panattoni at the top of the BREEAM ranking in Poland.

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