French company Socomec new tenant in the office complex Poleczki Business Park in Warsaw - May 2016

In the process of selecting office space in Warsaw, the Tenant was advised by advisory company Litwiniuk Property Sp. o.o.

Socomec Poland Sp. o.o. signed a lease agreement for office space approx. 400m2 in the project called Poleczki Business Park in Warsaw, which is the largest of the currently implemented in Poland office projects, with a total area of about 150 000 sq m.

"We are pleased that Socomec has joined to Poleczki Business Park in Warsaw tenants. Representing our Clients in the selection of a new office location in Warsaw, we made a full analysis of the market for A-Class office space in Warsaw, presenting the most attractive locations of rentable space according to the guidelines and expectations of the Socomec company. Finally, our Client have taken a decision on the selection of an office complex called. Poleczki Business Park in Warsaw's Mokotów district, among other things, due to the high standard of investment, diversity purpose buildings including office space, service and logistics and convenient access for the employees of the company.

Our analysis shows that rents in Warsaw are even more attractive than in 2015 and this trend will continue in the near future.The reason for this situation is the increasing supply of modern offices in Warsaw, but the demand remains at a high level, similar to last year. Many tenants are choosing to relocate their offices from the building of a lower standard to the class A office buildingsuch that it obtains a new location with attractive financial conditions in accordance with our advice. Apart from the city center rents in modern office buildings currently amounts to approx. 13 - 16 Euro / m2 while in the city center rents continue to remain at a level of 17 - 21 Euro / m2.

Currently, the vacancy rate in Warsaw has increased slightly compared to 2015, but do not assess this trend negatively, because the supply of A class office space in Warsaw is currently the highest in recent years and continues to grow. "- Said Patryk Litwiniuk, CEO of the consulting company Litwiniuk Property Sp. z o.o

Socomec is a French family business established in 1922 and operating in the electrical industry. The company currently employs more than three thousand employees in manufacturing plants in Europe, Africa and Asia, and sales offices in all continents. Socomec provides guaranteed power supply systems, measuring equipment, low-voltage switchgear and provides maintenance services.

"Poleczki Business Park met all of our expectations of what we set looking for a new headquarters for our company. It's great to highlight the current dynamic development of the company in Poland." - Said Sławomir Tomczewski - President of Socomec Poland Sp. o.o.

The investment Poleczki Business Park:

Poleczki Business Park is the largest of the currently implemented in Poland office projects, with a total area of about 150 000 sq m. It consists of a complex of low modern multi-purpose buildings , designed in such a way to provide multi-tenant solution within a single complex, including office, retail, exhibition, service and logistics, while offering all the essential business amenities..

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Office in Warsaw Central Point

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