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Ethical principles in business

Business service is on integrated philosophy of actions and value that we create.

We understand market law and operate in accordance with the established regulations. We identify with our clients and analyse their expectations.  We promote unconventional solutions resulting in achievement of our clients’ target; then the individual way of action is beginning to emerge, adjusting to the time, place and purpose of that we wish to attain in doing the tasks we have been entrusted.

Basic on  knowledge, we realize targets on truths and principles:

  • The key to success is the entire company corporate culture  which is characterized by fairness, activity under Customer guidelines and responsibility of every member of the team.
  • Ethical principles are the fundamental rules of conduct for all the workers in Litwiniuk Property company.
  • The main standard and the basis of our actions is respect for the law. In particular we include requirements of ethical behavior and rules which determine the quality of business activities. As well as  appling those rules within our internal structures we communicate them outside our company.
  • We are aware that any abuse can betray our partner’s trust and wreck the reputation of our company.
  • Fairness and respect are necessary conditions for building responsible relationships.
  • Confidence and independence in taking business decisions are the permanent features of our contacts with business partners.
  • Quality of relationships with our clients determines our company images.

Respecting cooperation with our business partners we implement the basic principles of Total Quality Management:

  • focusing on Client,
  • involvement in projects, 
  • focusing on project targets,
  • problem identification and effective solution,
  • external analysis – report about market and competitors location.

Taken actions are subordinated in team work culture. Communication with business partners is integral whole in project implementation.

Office in Warsaw Central Point

Office in Szczecin Lastadia Office

Office in Poznan Andersia Business Centre

Warszawa tel.+48 723 400 800 Central Point 00-110 Warszawa Marszałkowska 107
Szczecin tel. +48 91 488 77 88 Lastadia Office 70-653 Szczecin ul. Zbożowa 4A
Poznan tel. +48 691 021 288 Andersia Business Centre 61-894 Poznań Plac Andersa 7

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