Selected news

French company Socomec new tenant in the office complex Poleczki Business Park in Warsaw - May 2016

In the process of selecting office space in Warsaw, the Tenant was advised by advisory company Litwiniuk Property Sp. o.o.

Fitness 24 Seven rented 1.100 sqm. in the office building "JPBC Business Center" in Lublin - January 2016

In the process of selection of the area, to new tenant advice Litwiniuk Property Sp. z o.o.

The company ShadowLine leased 3,400 sqm. hall area in North-West Logistic Park - September 2015.

For the lease agreement has been responsible consulting company in commercial real estate Litwiniuk Property.

News list

Litwiniuk Property in the magazine Office Buildings in Poland - Autumn 2012.

In the magazine "Office Buildings in Poland" - our report about office spaces. ,,Office buildings in Poland" is a recurring, unique publishing company dedicated to office spaces....

North West Logistic Park commercialization - July 2012 - Litwiniuk Property

In July 2012 our company has signed an agreement to be the exclusive representative of the Investor in the province: zachodniopomorskie regarding the commercialization of new investment in Szczecin...

Calypso Fitness - the new Tenant at Piastów Office Center in Szczecin-16th of May 2012-Litwiniuk Property

Litwiniuk Property – an exclusive representative of the Investor's investment markets at Piastów Office Center-an A+ Class building. Another tenant-Calypso Fitness- has been acquired...

Lamborghini Gallardo, 04 May 2012r. - luxurious services, Litwiniuk Property

Cooperation with "Szkoła Jazdy Subaru" on one of the biggest racetracks in Poland has been inspired by our client interested in buying a car brand Lamborghini Gallardo and raising...

Paris, 25 April 2012. - Cooperation Agreement - Litwiniuk Property

20 - 27 April 2012. Representatives of our company during his stay in Paris, have signed a cooperation agreement with one of the leading companies engaged in consulting and real estate in Paris and...

PIASTÓW OFFICE CENTER commercialization - exclusive agreement - 3 August 2011. - Litwiniuk Property

3 August, 2011. Litwiniuk Property has signed an exclusive contract concerning the commercialization of new investment in Szczecin, PIASTÓW OFFICE CENTER of total area 21 000 m2 (retail and...

Litwiniuk Property in newspaper Kurier Szczeciński - 21 January 2011.

21 January 2011 in newspaper "Kurier Szczeciński" published an article about the sale and rental of the islands through our company on the Polish market and abroad. Property of this type are...

Litwiniuk Property in Businesswoman magazine - December 2010

In December 2010 Grażyna Litwiniuk (co-owner of the Litwiniuk-Property) was invited for an interview in prestigious magazine called 'Businesswoman & life'. 'Businesswoman' is an...

Egypt, September 2010. - visit by Litwiniuk Property

Our visit to Egypt in a luxurious El Gouna was a confirmation of full cooperation and satisfaction with the greatest developers in Egypt. El Gouna is a paradise for golfers, an 18-hole golf courses...

Litwiniuk Property in Gazeta Wyborcza – July 2010

On July, 28 2010 Gazeta Wyborcza published an interview with our company concerning selling properties abroad. The article is about growing interest among Poles in buying properties in different...

Office in Warsaw Warsaw Equator Ochota, Equator II

Office in Szczecin Oxygen

Office in Poznan Andersia Business Centre

Warsaw tel. +48 22 275 57 85 fax +48 22 275 56 00 Warsaw Equator Ochota Equator II 00-807 Warszawa Aleje Jerozolimskie 96
Szczecin tel. +48 91 488 77 88 tel. +48 91 488 76 74Oxygen 71-612 Szczecin ul. Malczewskiego 26
Poznan tel. +48 723 400 800 Andersia Business Centre 61-894 Poznań Plac Andersa 7

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